We Mobilize Commerce…

Forbes Digital Commerce provides the most intuitive in-app marketing & commerce solutions to businesses that want to connect with consumers where they are spending the most time… within their applications. The core of our business is centered around the heart of what makes people stay connected within their mobile devices.

Forbes Digital Commerce gives businesses the advantage of delivering to their customers what they truly want… technology that thinks for them.

Smart Customer Journeys

In order to improve engagement and loyalty of the mobile app users, we have developed solutions that are based on their individual behaviors, purchasing history, preferences, physical context, and social media profiles. Through these highly relevant and content-rich messages, businesses are able to connect, engage, and transactions in an omni-channel environment.

Benefits of working with us

Forbes Digital Commerce’s robust platform design and the flexibility of a white label solution addresses branding, data ownership, technological, and security issues that allow our customers to go to market in the fastest possible time.

Mobile App Solutions

We provide App Solutions that can deliver the entire user journey, including the marketing and commerce dimensions:

  • Built on our proprietary technology platforms, that are used by large enterprises to serve millions of unique users
  • With immense experience in delivering services covering the whole spectrum of front-end to back-end

Mobile Marketing Solutions

Our mobile marketing solutions are based on a framework from the most advanced mobile marketing cloud from Mobile Bridge, integrated with external systems, and combining:

  • Mobile marketing automation and journey creation
  • Mobile engagement and promotion
  • Audience personalization and location management
  • Proximity marketing using iBeacons
  • Insights and actionable analytics

Mobile Commerce Solutions

Our in-house mobile commerce platform supports both physical and online transactions on mobile devices, including:

  • In-app check-out services for online transactions
  • Contactless technologies for mobile commerce including QR code, NFC, BLE, and virtual cards (VCNs)
  • Support for purchasing using a full range of payment methods including Credit/Debit Cards, PayPal, Mobile Operator Billing and alternative payment methods
  • Enterprise wallet solution for expense management in enterprises of all sizes using virtual card (VCN) technology and integrated with ERP and accounting systems
  • We provide all the relevant services including back-end processes and round the clock support

Great Emphasis on Security and Stability

Built on the award winning, PCI Compliant Level 1 Lotaris platform, we take pride in maintaining carrier grade SLAs ensuring the full availability of our solutions

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